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2nd District

Incumbent vs ex-colleague

In a district that stretches from Chicago’s south side to the cornfields past Kankakee, Democratic incumbent Jesse Jackson Jr. faces a challenge from Debbie Halvorson, who lost her seat in a neighboring district in 2010.

Debbie Halvorson Jesse Jackson Jr

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16th District

A generational battle

Thanks to redistricting, two incumbent Republican congressman find themselves competing in a newly-redrawn district. Don Manzullo became a congressman in 1992, while Adam Kinzinger was elected in the GOP wave of 2010.

Don Manzullo Adam Kinzinger

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8th District

Rising stars compete

Two young Democrats square off for the chance to run in a district that will get national attention in the fall. Tammy Duckworth and Raja Krishnamoorthi fight to for the right to battle Tea Party favorite Joe Walsh, who has no primary opposition.

Tammy Duckworth Raja Krishnamoorthi

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10th District

Battle for lakefront seat

Republican Bob Dold won this congressional seat in 2010. Now four young Democrats want the opportunity to run against him in a competitive new district that encompasses chunks of Chicago’s north and northwest suburbs.

Vivek Bavda Brad Schneider Ilya Sheyman John Tree

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